What if we could build the world we all want through the power of our purchases?

That's the challenge our founder Justin Dillon has been working on for years. He's worked in some of the poorest regions of the world and understands how lack of transparency hurts people and business.

You can't solve a problem that you can't measure and see.

That's why he partnered with the Obama Administration to build a consumer platform that educates consumers on their slavery footprint, which reached over 30M global buyers— plus won a bunch of awards. He found that 99.999% of people want to purchase from businesses that share their values, they just need a way to do it. Pretty soon, businesses started calling asking how they could increase transparency in their supply chains, and voila, FRDM was born. Who are we? Just a bunch of people like you who get up every day (except most weekends and some holidays) excited to help the world buy better.